February 24, 2024

2011.05.07 Chelsea & Henry :: City Club of Fort Worth

Chelsea & Henry wanted to throw a reception different from any other–they succeeded! They hired Tommy Evans of Specialty Sound to be their Master of Ceremonies for their wedding reception. Many of their guests were coming in from El Salvador and they wanted to give them a night filled with plenty of laughter as well as memories to last a lifetime. So after the traditional dances, the evening was filled with games and taking photos! We were busy all night and even after Chelsea & Henry headed out for their honeymoon we had people who were still lining up for more fun photos!

The Flash-Pics Fab Five Photos:

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2011.04.16 Jim & Pam :: Southlake Hilton

We found Jim and Pam through conversation with Georgette Pool of the Southlake Hilton, and they decided to give Flash-Pics a try.  We had such a great time with the newlyweds, their guests, and the staff of the Hilton.  One of the guests pretty much parked in the foyer with us, and spent the evening being our “Photo Diva”, and getting pictures with many of the other guests.  Congratulations, Jim & Pam!

The Flash-Pics Fab Five Photos: