February 24, 2024


More about Flash-Pics Photo Lounge…         


Looking for photos from your event or an event you recently attended?  Interested in sharing your silly side with your Facebook friends?  You can find most event photos on our Facebook Page, or through viewing the event on our blog.  Be sure to LIKE us, and post comments on the blog – it’s always good for our ego to know you took a bit of fun home with you to enjoy!

Flash-Pics Photo Lounge brings a new level of excitement to any kind of event.  From elegant themed photos at your high-class dinner party, to fun memories of your out-of-town family and friends gathered together for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding reception. We give your guests memories they can take home.  It’s the perfect, interactive, party favor that they’ll frame and laugh about for years to come!

Photo Booth or Photo Lounge? Why Choose Flash-Pics?

We often have people ask us what the difference is between a photo booth and a photo lounge.  Here is our short list of reasons to choose a Flash-Pics Photo Lounge

  1. You get a professional photographer, not a button or simply an attendant.
  2. We will work with you to fit your specific theme in choosing your photographic background, props, graphic overlay, and photo presentation.
  3. Imagine sharing a bathroom stall with 14 of your closest friends and the averagephoto booth’ is smaller than a bathroom stall. Unlike a photo booth, which holds only three or four people, we can get entire groups in a single photo. Our largest group in the lounge thus far was a party of 20!
  4. While most events have a band or DJ, not everyone enjoys dancing; however, young or old, everyone loves to have fun photos to share with their friends.
  5. You’ll have some great memories of what was going on when you weren’t around or maybe a little blackmail material for the office!
  6. Most photo booths will print just one, and let your guests fight over who gets to keep it. Depending on your package every guest will take home a 4×6 or 5×7 photo favor, suitable for framing, instead of a strip of 3 crowded 1×1 images from a booth.
  7. Sure, it’s awkward to climb in a box and close a curtain, and then there’s the pressure of three photos and that pesky timer.  With the lounge, your guests will love the interaction from those in line, and if they get stumped on how to pose our staff is always ready to help with suggestions.
  8. Props, props and more props!

Whether your event is a Wedding Reception, Birthday Party, Anniversary, Grand Opening, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Holiday Party, or “just because” – invite your guests to take some fun home with them!

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