February 24, 2024

2012-01-04 NACE DFW Awards :: AT&T Performing Arts Center

The annual National Association of Catering Executives (NACE) DFW awards are always such a wonderful event to attend.  Throughout the year, the members vote on each meeting for location, decor, entertainment, and so on.  Those votes are tallied and it’s the Best of the Best that get honored at the Awards dinner.  Other awards are given, as voted on by the membership and the Board of Directors – such as the Lifetime Achievement Award.  There is so much amazing talent in Dallas!  Flash-Pics would like to congratulate those that took home an award this year, as well as those who were nominated.

The Flash-Pics Fab Five (or SIX!) Photos:

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New Backdrops – Revealed!

My wife loves looking at shoes, as does most women.  “You have to have a shoe to match every occasion, and every outfit”.  Well, here at Flash-Pics, we feel the same about our backdrops.  So, we’ve added four new backdrops to our collection this month.  Take a look, let us know your favorite (and if you have a suggestion for matching shoes – send it on!)  We’ve selected our kids for the guinea pigs, and so they’ll feel somewhat famous.


Standard white - great for weddings, "white parties", and okay to use before Easter.


White Drape Backdrop

Very similar to the "Standard White", but a little more texture-y

Black Paper Backdrop

Okay - so this isn't one of our kids - but she's one of our friends. Standard black paper for the goth butcher in all of us.

Crushed Black Velour Backdrop

A more elegant approach to the black backdrop.


Crushed Red Velour Backdrop

Sigrid & Yngwe exhibiting their mad sword skills in front of our lush red velour (perfect for sword fights, Christmas, and love birds)


Black & White Damask Background

Our little performer, in front of a funky classy-contemporary damask.