February 24, 2024

2011.08.11 Wedding Planner Mixer :: Southlake Hilton

We love Southlake.  It’s got everything – shopping, a movie theater, shopping, Starbucks, shopping, Jamba Juice, shopping, our offices, shopping, and the fabulous Southlake Hilton.  (Nestled conveniently amongst…you guessed it… a plethora of shops!)  And, at the Southlake Hilton, we love Georgette!  The Southlake Hilton was the site of our very first Flash-Pics wedding reception.

So, we were so excited when Georgette called and invited us “back to our roots” to participate in a mixer for some of the area’s best wedding planners.  You know- those ladies (and gents) who have to behave so elegantly when on the job, but certainly know how to cut loose off the clock.  Enjoy!

The Flash-Pics Fab Five Photos:


It’s best to have the Photo Lounge in a space where the lighting is a bit less dramatic!